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  1. Cramp-Guard



    Select herbs nutritionally support relief of painful leg cramping. Stop losing sleep & use Cramp-Guard™. Learn More
  2. Kidney Flush

    Kidney Flush


    Almost all Americans suffer from weakened kidneys, therefore we may all benefit from this combination. Many health concerns can be addressed when the kidneys are functioning properly. Lower back pain, failure to urinate, and a general feeling of weakness can all be signs of weakened kidneys Learn More
  3. Green Tea

    Green Tea


    Green Tea has active compounds in it called polyphenols. These active compounds offer antioxidant, health enhancing support. It supports the body's defensive system naturally, helping to maintain high levels of energy and well being. Green Tea also can help with your weight loss program by promoting a healthy metabolism. And still another use for Green Tea is its beneficial effects in supporting healthy cholesterol levels already in normal range. Try a couple of capsules, and see the difference. Order Today! Learn More
  4. Natural Breathing

    Natural Breathing


    If you or a loved one live with breathing concerns, you know how difficult life can be when respiratory problems flare up. This unique, highly effective combination of all natural ingredients has been a blessing to thousands Learn More
  5. Woman’s Change

    Woman’s Change


    You can assist your own body through your time of change. Our Better Living Formula #44 Woman's Change contains herbs traditionally used by women, including Black Cohosh Extract and Dong Quai Extract, to help support the maintenance of calm and balance in the female system. Learn More
  6. Thyroid Care

    Thyroid Care


    If the Thyroid gland is not working properly, the result can cause allergies, skin problems, fatigue, nervousness, intestinal problems, weight gain, sleep problems, and low energy. The nutrient in this exclusive formula will help support your thyroid gland. Learn More

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